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Welcome to Gerophyta Nutraceuticals

Gerophyta Nutraceutical, an R&D based healthcare company, is well established in Tamilnadu, India. Our company manufactures spirulina and herbal healthcare products. The wide range of products that our company offers, are Spirulina Powder, Pure Spirulina Capsules, Spirulina Amla Capsules (Spiruvita-C), and Spirulina related Herbal products.


From the spirulina culture to the final product we do everything by ourselves at our farm thereby ensuring full control over the quality of our products. Our products are widely admired by the consumers for their high nutritive content, hygienic processing, safe and natural and unique food supplement. Moreover our products are in accordance with the international standards and affordable cost.


To add feather in the cap, our products are certified by FSSAI with the registration No:22414151000324. It shows that our products are worthy.

About Dr KR.Nagul

Dr KR.Nagulendran M.Sc., Ph.D (Biochem), BASM (AM) is an Anti Aging Biochemist and a Researcher in both herbal medicine and marine algae spirulina. The primary objective of his research findings is to make people achieve Healthy Aging through science based solution to oxidative stress which is a key factor for Human Aging and Age Associated Diseases.