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Ahh wrong e-mail, they now state the total amount is ВЈ297 so should possibly get ВЈ2.97, I’ll don’t invest all of it at a time if We get it lol

Ahh wrong e-mail, they now state the total amount is ВЈ297 so should possibly get ВЈ2.97, I’ll don’t invest all of it at a time if We get it lol

Sara – I have rang up, let me reveal some info that is additional. You a redress amount whilst they provide. They do not specify precisely what loans that this pertains to. You must e-mail in and ask. Can it be some loans aren’t within the redress calc? It might take time i sincerely hope all are removed for them to conclude what loans are deleted.

Hard anyone to ingest for me personally this. We repeatedly reported with Sunny back 2017, unfortunately because of ongoing individual issues We missed the take off to try the ombudsman. We attempted to re complain following this true point nevertheless they wouldn’t accept it. Simply logged in and ВЈ3500 redress amount, prone to obtain a measly ВЈ35. I assume there’s some positives to just just just take – I’d an amount that is outstanding of which was in fact frozen since my initial grievance in 2017 – I happened to be emailed two months ago to say it had been cleared with no further payments required along side all history being taken off credit history.

I produced grievance back they offered me £1198.68 january. We worked I accepted the £1198.68 for fear of them going under like Wonga and the rest out I was probably owed about £2, but. Extremely, extremely happy i did so because they paid up simply with time for my birthday celebration, in April. Personally I think for all that are placing their claims in now, and I also urge you to definitely place claims in with every unaffordable loan you’ve ever endured! Before it is too late!

All the best, every person.

ВЈ5,400 redress that is potential, i usually knew i will have forced harder with reimbursement claims from Sunny.

Regarding the brighter side (in big as a result of your wonderful internet site Sara) used to do get claims straight right right back from wonga / payday etc. and have always been now in a definitely better place. To such an extent, for just what it is well worth we checked the choice to donate any profits we may arrive at a charity.

Carry on with the great work Sara, you make a massive huge difference to peoples life once they actually need it.

Hi Sarah We have a contact from sunny saying they owe me personally £2600. I know I won’t understand this but my financial obligation I still owe the debt approx £460 can I get this written off now with them was sold off to another company and

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says


The business is sll money , they purchased from Sunny any concept the way I are able to find down as they got the debt now wether I can stop paying to sll capital

I’ve the problem that is same. Phoned sunny plus they essentially explained we nevertheless need certainly to spend SLL Capital and its perhaps maybe not their issue. Perhaps maybe Not certain how to handle it now

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

the administrators say they’ll not be purchasing right right back the debts from SLL. as it would not be an use that is good of restricted funds.

we suspect there’s no means you are able to challenge this.

BUT then you could try putting in a complaint to SLL and asking for the interest to be removed from the balance if you ask the administrators to give you a letter saying that the loan sold to SLL has been detemined to be unaffordable.

Any news on just how much the administrators are becoming?

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