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Lab Report Format

I just want to do a quick instructional video on what your lab report should look like so if you’ve watched the other video on what these links mean for the library port checklist the results questions the conclusion checklist I wanted to give you an idea of what the library port is supposed to look like so if you have printed off that checklist it says that you need a cover page so here’s the cover page the cover page again if you still have your information from the first week of school on how to write a lab report the cover page has the name of the live investigation your name and the date that you turn it in then you get to the body of the report which is the purpose hypothesis materials procedure results in conclusion notice that the word purpose is bold and there’s some space here so that when you look at the report you see exactly where the purposes hypothesis it does go in this order the materials if you notice on the checklist says that they’re in a list so if you notice here this is a list your procedure the results which are if you can see on this example is three paragraphs long one two and three paragraphs if you remember from the link the results questions they were divided into three paragraphs paragraph one was asking for some background information on what friction is what types of friction there are what types of friction was used in this lab and a little information on the surface is tested then paragraph two was asking specific questions about the speed of the toy cars on the different surfaces and you know using friction and the surfaces as your background information or as your explanation to explain why your toy car had slowest speed on one surface and why exhibited a faster speed on another surface using friction as your explanation so for example in mana have that the data shows that the toy car experience the fastest speed on the tile surface and the slowest speed on the grass surface now those were two different questions in the results questions but I made it one sentence because I felt like that would flow better and then I gave my reason for that sense friction acts in the direction opposite motion and surface length of the blades and the dead leaves the amount of friction between the toy car was great and since the wheels for short the grass was in direct contact you know with the bottom of the car all the time you know so that was my explanation for why it did not go as fast because it was more friction versus the tile and then in the third paragraph it asked you to talk about error so then in your at the body of your report the third paragraph under the results heading is where you talk about error then you have your conclusion this conclusion is just one paragraph i used the conclusion checklist the senate starters to get that conclusion then I inserted a blank page and i put my data table for the speed on different surfaces and then i inserted another blank page and i put my bar graph in for the speed of the toy car so these or this is what a completed live report looks like again you need to make sure you check everything off your checklist for writing the lab report you want to make sure that you’ve answered in detail all of the information and the results questions because that’s going to give you your three paragraphs for your results and you want to make sure that you use sinister dish for writing your conclusion you want to make sure you include your data table and your graph after you have finished your live report it’s time to save it using the your first name last name and the name of the reports a first name last name and I’m just put lab report friction again you want to save it to your USB Drive and then you’re going to save it so now you have it on you at all time at school just in case technology-wise you know something happens then you’re ready to turn it in you just go to this link here that says friction investigation upload complete report here when you click on that and I’ve already uploaded once i’m just going to delete it and this is you know you can exit out and delete it if you realize you need to make changes or something before the due date and you’re just going to browse and here it is here k Tatum lab report friction and you’re going to select that and you’re going to upload it and then you are completely finished with your library port and again if you realize that you made a mistake you name the file wrong or something and you want to replace it you just hit this X button and then you just upload your new file so i’m going to show you what that lab report looks like one more time so that you know what a lab report is supposed to look like and again i have provided for you all of the information you need to write that result section your conclusion section and then of course in your life journals you have the information for purpose and hypothesis materials you need to write the procedure yourself the results yourself and the conclusion yourself so the results and conclusion and procedure should be your own work thank you

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